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The Eco Gardener

"Tom has just transformed our garden from a neglected overgrown space to a simply beautiful place - just in a matter of days and we are so delighted with the results.


He obviously has a passion for plants and this, combined with his design skills and willingness to work hard, really make him the perfect professional gardener. I have already passed his name ontp friends and family and have absolutely no hesitation in recommending him for any kind of institutional or private garden work. He is totally committed to his clients and to giving a first class service."


Sarah Bush

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“ Our garden has thrived on Green Earth Gardens’ environmental policy. Biodiversity and organic methods have continued to improve the look and health of our garden. our garden is always pleased to see the Green Earth team arrive."



" Tom has transformed the neglected patch of rutted, uneven, sloping scrub that was the garden in our new property into a gorgeous space full of colour and buzzing with insect life. He created a couple of dry stone walls and all the work had to be done manually as there is no access for machinery, but he wasn't fazed and took on the project with enthusiasm. Insect hotels and native planting attracted huge numbers of minibeasts in the space of a year and continue to develop. We're really happy with the results and have lots of positive comments from visitors."


S. Burcombe

"We'd asked Tom from Green Earth Gardens to do an ecological survey report on our garden as we knew we had a phone mast soon to go up, overlooking our home. We wanted to ensure we had an idea of the amount of wildlife present in the garden before the mast went live so that we could have a record of before and after. Thanks to Tom's report we had a comprehensive list of what was living, nesting, visiting and feeding on in our front and back gardens (we had no idea of the range and diversity of creatures and plants!) At some point we'll get a second report done and compare the findings.


Tom's been incredibly helpful, and a source of great knowledge. A plethora of wildlife, birds, insects and bees have been introduced through his planting and sowing of wildflowers and wild patches. The splashes of colour and the subsequent insects and bees that these flowers have attracted have been wonderful to watch. At one point I was shown a wild carrot growing, I'd never have imagined finding anything like that in our garden a few years ago!


We're grateful to Tom for his time and expertise, and we're happy that our garden is much more nature-friendly! .."


Sarah F


Tom has a rare mixture of ecological and landscape gardening skills, which made Green Earth Gardens perfect for this job. Tom is very easy to work with and it's been a very enjoyable process. We wanted to make our sloping garden more friendly for both wildlife and our family. Tom started with an ecological survey of plant species. He had so many ideas about how to improve biodiversity, create new habitats and make the garden more fun for our kids at the same time. We have planted native wildflower plants and seed, and now have a wildlife pond and wetland area. We have more birds in the garden and seen our first hedgehog! I am learning lots of botany on the way, which is making me enjoy the garden much more. I am more confident about what to weed out and what to let grow and enjoy. Tom suggested a forest gardening approach to food growing - low maintenance, productive and good for the environment. We are planting perennial fruits and vegetables and herbs, and growing our own mushrooms. Tom helped maximise our small budget by recycling materials in the garden, such as rock rubble and logs, and getting me involved in the planting. He has constructed a terrace on the slope, so we have a level area for a campfire and the kids' mud kitchen, which has transformed how we use the garden.


G Sharp

Tom joined us in August, even though its early days we can see how knowledgeable and conscientious he is with regards to taking our garden onto the next level. He is very in-tune with our aim to be as organic as possible and has taken over the care of the compost bins. We are very happy that Tom is onboard because he seems to be everything we need in a gardener. Tom shares our desire to encourage as much wildlife and bee friendly plants into our town garden without the use of harmful chemicals. Tom is creative and progressive with his ideas and is a breath of fresh air in the garden.


Jan and Jon