Buff-tip Moth caterpillar - Falmouth

By Tom Hughes, Sep 19 2017 08:14PM

A particularly large and striking caterpillar was found munching its way along a hazel branch this week in a garden in Falmouth, Cornwall.

This individual will be almost ready to pupate and this species does so on the ground, forming brown cocoons that look halfway between a large brown tree bud and a small brown shell. They're quite common so you may have seen one before when weeding.

Here's some more info on the buff-tip moth: http://www.wildlifeinsight.com/buff-tip-moth-phalera-bucephala/

An eco-friendly way to manage the damage caused by caterpillars such as these is to prune off the stems that are colonised and more them to somewhere where they can do as much noticeable damage. This could be an area of the garden that is more wild and un-used, or a nearby wild space, or just a shrub that you're fed up with! ;)

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